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Pocket Listings

What is a pocket listing

What is a Pocket Listing?

Definition: A property for which a broker holds a signed listing agreement with the seller, but is not publicly advertised nor entered the into the multiple listing system (MLS), or advertising is limited.

Chicago is seeing more and more activity in the pocket listing trend.  Despite the strong public market, many sellers are choosing to sell their properties “off market”. From the moment the listing agreements are signed, savvy real estate agents begin marketing these listings to their peers.  You need a realtor who is in touch with these off-market & pre-MLS opportunities… Get Started

Chicago Pocket Listings

FOR SELLERS: Pocket listings are not an alternative to the norm, they are the new first step. The process is discrete, effortless and typically precedes a traditional MLS listing…SELLERS: Learn More

FOR BUYERS: The home you have been searching for is waiting! Tell me what you’re looking for and let me earn your business… BUYERS: Learn More

How to find pocket listings

BUYERS : How to Find Pocket Listings ???

In competitive neighborhoods, condo buildings and school districts, a few days head start can be the difference between getting your dream home and watching it slip away… You’re not the only hopeful buyer getting new listing alerts from Zillow, Trulia , Redfin etc… That approach is equivalent to standing in line overnight for a Black Friday sale. It’s a feeding frenzy and the seller wins. Get a jump on your competition…

Tell me what you’re looking for and let me earn your business…

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    SELLERS: Pre-MLS pocket listings work!

    Did you know that 10% of real estate agents are responsible for approximately 90% of all sales?* With aReal estate pocket listing pre-MLS listing, we can give the top Chicago realtors a sneak peek of your property before it’s advertised publicly on MLS, Zillow, etc.


    By starting this way, we can create a buzz and build anticipation about your home in a way that grabs the attention of qualified buyers, eager for new listings.  Properties that start out as pocket listings typically spend 14 fewer days on the market before going under contract*– while still getting the best possible price…

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    *Top Agent Network and MLS data

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