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Neighborhood guide: The Best Eats in Lakeview

The Best Eats in Lakeview

Widely regarded as one of Chicago’s most vibrant and accessible neighborhoods, Lakeview is also home to what could be some of the best eats in all of the Windy City. Needless to say, the following restaurants definitely contribute to Chicago’s diverse culinary world.

  1. mfk. Restaurant
    432 W Diversey Pkwy by the seaside, mfk. Restaurant is known throughout Chicago for its impressive menu of seafood featuring global and rare catches. Sample their ceviche, squid tostada, and their pintxos board, which changes everyday depending on what is available. Do watch out for their cantabrian salt-cured anchovies, haricot vert, octopus salad, and their seafood cataplana. These favorites will have you yearning for the sea.
  2. HB Home Bistro
    3404 N Halsted St. great place to enjoy good conversation and food with friends, HB Home Bistro serves up imaginative New American fare with Executive Chef Victor Morenz and Sous Chef Corey Bowers leading the kitchen. Once in a while, on a special night, they’ll replace the menu with a special selection featuring a specific cuisine. Don’t forget to bring your own bottle of champagne!
  3. Tango Sur
    3763 N Southport Ave. Argentinian steakhouse that scores high on ambiance, Tango Sur is also widely renowned for its prime meats, served with Latin American flare and passion. Other prominent features of its menu include Tango Sur’s well-loved empanadas made with beef or chicken, and ensaladas.
  4. Crisp
    2940 N Broadway St. has secured its spot in Chicago’s culinary scene as one of the best places in the city to get chicken wings. The main star of Crisp’s Korean menu is the Seoul Sassy jumbo wings, made with a secret family recipe handed down generation to generation. There’s more to be had in this unassuming eatery. For healthy eats, their so-called Buddha bowls are a twist on the traditional favorite Bi Bim Bop, featuring vegetables, marinated meat, and gochujang. Steak bowls, korean burritos, and specialty sandwiches are not to be missed as well. Dig in!
  5. Crosby’s Kitchen
    3455 N Southport Ave. for American comfort food in Lakeview? Stop by Crosby’s Kitchen. Their turkey burger, chicken sandwich, and lobster deviled eggs are always talked about in the neighborhood. The smell of meats from their open kitchen equipped with rotisserie will delight the senses and get your mouth watering for their Angus prime rib. Top it all off with a glass of wine from their freezers for an unforgettable dining experience.
  6. Angelina Ristorante
    3561 N Broadway St. Lakeview dining experience wouldn’t be complete without a meal at Angelina Ristorante. Serving classic Italian fare, Angelina Ristorante is an established restaurant, having been in the neighborhood for approximately 30 years. During that time, Angelina Ristorante has faithfully served a slice of Italy to Lakeview. Residents highly recommend securing a table for brunch, which is described to be “legendary.”

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