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Chicago Condos with Balconies!! COVID-19


Chicago Condos With Balconies

The last few months in Chicago has seen residents altering their everyday lives dramatically. The COVID-19 lockdown has had residents confined to their own homes with a lack of access to outdoor areas. The pandemic has forced the city to shutter stores, bars and restaurants, beauty salons, parks and many individual job offices.

With videos going viral on social media of residents having concerts and singing songs from their balconies with neighbours, and participating in the daily cheers of the “Chicago Unite at Night” celebrations for frontline workers, ‘balcony envy’ has seen a huge increase in demand for balconies for both buyers and renters since the beginning of the lockdown. During the COVID-19 pandemic, residential balconies have become a pandemic-proof social space. Many locals have moved to using their balconies as an outdoor work-from-home space, an area to plant and grow flowers and safe access to fresh air.

Homes with outdoor space:

  • Condos with balconies

  • Condos with roof decks

  • Homes with backyards

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Nowadays, balconies are thought to be a private recreational area. However their standing dates all the way back to when they became an architectural staple of European development in the 19th century. Over time, they made their way to American cities. Early skyscrapers decorated with balconies were tailed to the upper class to position them above the smells from below. Balconies served a social function on the more humble buildings – up to six stories in height, the balcony for the Chicago middle and working class. The balconies were positioned close enough.

As air conditioning and television grew increasingly popular in the mid 20th century, balconies became less common and people turned their attention indoors.


During Chicago’s luxury high-rise real estate boom in the 2010s, balconies became popular again with architects and they began to feature more frequently in building design once more. As a result of this, asking prices could be seen featuring an increase of as much as five percent. Nowadays, balconies are one of the top five amenities high-end condo buyers are looking for.

While balconies were growing both in popularity and square footage pre COVID-19, the pandemic has presented us with the idea that everyone should have access to an outdoor private space to enhance both their physical and mental health.

In a post-pandemic Chicago, it would not come as a surprise if more Chicago developers made balconies the new norm in new building projects despite the added cost they bring. A balcony boom occurring in the near future would be expected. People will want them and real estate developers will recognise what buyers new demands are. It will be driven by demand and create a shift in building development.

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Blog post by: Oral Gray

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