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Pocket listings


Pocket Listings & Pre-MLS Listings

Chicago is seeing more and more activity in the pocket listing (non-MLS) trend.  Despite the strong public market, many sellers are choosing to sell their properties “off market”.  For sellers, the process is discrete, effortless and typically precedes a traditional MLS listing.  Pocket listings are not an alternative to the norm, they are the new first step.  From the moment the listing agreement is signed, savvy real estate agents begin marketing these listings to their peers.  You need a realtor who is in touch with these off-market & pre-MLS opportunities.


In competitive neighborhoods, condo buildings and school districts, a few days head start is the difference between getting the home and watching it slip away… You’re not the only hopeful buyer getting new listing alerts from Zillow, Trulia , Redfin etc… That approach is equivalent to standing in line overnight for a Black Friday sale. It’s a feeding frenzy and the seller wins. Get a jump on your competition.

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